Guerilla Film School
Was founded by Chris Jones, filmmaker and author of the best selling series of ‘Guerilla Film Makers Handbooks’
Our workshops are first and foremost about enabling you to take action right now. And not just ‘action’, but MASSIVE ACTION. Success lies in the doing, not talking.
We Are Filmmakers Just Like You
We teach filmmaking, but we also make films… features, shorts, documentary, viral, music promo… the whole gamut.
We are committed to delivering extraordinary value for money. Your money should be spent on screen.
World Class Practitioners
We only work with people who are both teaching AND active inside their discipline, giving you access to real world experience.
We guarantee that you leave our events INSPIRED! Passion, ambition, drive… like you, it’s in our DNA!
Filmmaking is a team effort. Our events deliver massive networking opportunities (online and live). The person sat next to you could be that partner you are looking for.
Filmmaking technology, practices and business models are changing daily – and we remain committed to sharing the newest ideas and techniques, to give you the edge.
Your Career
One film is great. A lifetime of films is where you need to be aiming. We focus on the steps beyond the next film.
It’s often forgotten that we choose filmmaking because we love it… it will always be FUN at Guerilla Filmschool events.

Film and Screenwriting Training

Over the last fifteen years we have helped thousands of filmmakers and screenwriters realise their ambitions. We run small, intimate events as well as some of the biggest in the world. And, unlike many other organisations, we are filmmakers and screenwriters too. As a production company we have produced and successfully distributed low budget British feature films, sold screenplays to Hollywood and even been Oscar shortlisted!