'To make a successful EIS and SEIS claim, you need to take extreme care and follow all rules to the letter, ensuring that at every stage, all your ducks are in a row. I have identified 27 specific steps you need to take in order to complete this process successfully. These specific steps will be a major part of the workshop.'

Ivan Clements


Collect your pass and meet other delegates...

The adventure begins!

9.00am Getting financed overview and the first 12 steps

  • Overview of the 100% funded film model
  • Goals for you to set
  • The 27 Steps in detail
  • One - EIS and SEIS and why you should use them
  • Two - Setting your time frame
  • Three - making friends with HMRC
  • Four - The investors and where they are
  • Five - Understanding the two types of investor
  • Six - PAYE or Self Employed?
  • Seven - SEIS / EIS and understanding the benefits
  • Eight - Profiling your investor
  • Nine - Setting up your company SPECIFICALLY for this project
  • Ten - Company Directors and your responsibilities under law
  • Eleven - The bank account and why it's CRITICAL to success
  • Twelve - Going back to your freinds at HMRC for advanced clearance

11.00am (30 mins)

Coffee and Networking

11.30am  Getting financed, steps 13 to 19

  • Thirteen - VAT registration and which scheme
  • Fourteen - Webfilling and building the paper trail
  • Fifteen - Your Company share register and why you must keep accurate records
  • Sixteen - Companies House share register and the one month rule no-one tells you about
  • Seventeen - Creating your share certificates and why
  • Eighteen - Getting the money... Finally! Make sure you do it right!
  • Ninteen - Running the account and why keeping super accurate records is paramount

1.00pm (60 mins)

 Lunch and Networking

2.00pm Getting financed, the final steps

  • Twenty - The contracts YOU MUST get right
  • Twenty one - The 20% kickback Film Tax Credit claim and how to make it
  • Twenty two - The BFI and the cultural test (bad choices come back now)
  • Twenty three - Legals and how to get the right lawyer for under £50
  • Twenty four - Submitting to HMRC and why YOU should not even try it - get the right accountant
  • Twenty five - HMRC inspection... enter the accountant
  • Twenty six - SEIS / EIS final claim and the four month rule
  • Twenty seven - Back to your investor and why they will invest again

And remember, all this time, you have made YOUR film, on YOUR terms and YOU now own it.

3.30pm (30 mins)

Coffee and Networking

4.30pm Recapping, the overall model and live surgery

  • Recapping the 27 steps
  • Reverse Budgeting
  • UK Tax Credit
  • Upselling the investor (Steps 7 and 8 expanded)
  • Cautionary tales
  • Bridging the gap - crowdfunding, pre-sales, grants etc
  • Why investors will WANT to invest – High risk / low risk / no risk
  • Live surgery where Ivan works on your film

6.00pm Close

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